Joy Is Strength

Joy is strength.”
― Mother Teresa

They are not always joyful, trust me. But there is not a season Edyn does not find joy in. I hope she can retain that skill through her life because it will empower her and give her greater strength than she already has. She is quite the mighty force as it is.

Me? I wish I lived in a perpetual spring and fall. But having kids has definitely made it easier to find joy in each season just by proxy. How do you watch their uninhibited smiles, laughter and expressions and not contagiously catch those feelings?

When we left the north country to move within an hour or so of the most populous city in the United States, I thought we were giving up seclusion, deep-dark woods, wildlife and ultimately the kind of lifestyle I had grown accustomed to. In reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. The pond view pictured above is practically at the bottom of my driveway. I can see that low running Appalachian mountain from my living room window once the leaves drop each fall. The state forest we take the kids for walks in is just as close as my beloved Happy Valley State Forest was to our old home, and dare I say quite a bit nicer with its bountiful brook trout streams transecting the forest lines.

Regardless, I hope my children continue to find joy in each earthly season as well as each life season and never let the fear of change rule them.



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