Into Fall

“…and all at once, summer collapsed into fall.

– Oscar Wilde


I mean, it doesn’t quite feel like it here yet, as we continue with temperatures in the 90s. But I swear I can tell the vibrancy of the lush green colors in the canopies lessening their grips and becoming a little more dull each day.


There has been a sort of absence of wildlife around our property this summer, but I have spied a pair of twin fawns now twice. For a moment I identified with the mother, in the busy season trying to raise her two offspring, getting through what’s probably the hardest obstacle and hardest part in their life.

Then I wondered what it must be like. In these woods she must be surrounded by family, the forest is presumably full of the familiar faces of her offspring, her siblings, perhaps her parents. I haven’t lived in the same town, or hell even the same state, as my immediate and extended family since I left my home town for college. My family had been rooted in Chicago since before the 1900’s. Everyone raised their families in the same 15 square mile part of town.

Every once in a while I fantasize about going back for the sense of community and family history. But then I remember that I wouldn’t be able to look out my window and see this fawn.

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