In Remembrance

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
― Thomas Campbell


Kevin M. Kryst, my second cousin, was KIA December 18, 2006. He joined the Marines after college and flew Cobra helicopters. He was on his second tour of Duty in Iraq, in Al Anbar province. He died during a mortar attack from a Sunni led insurgency.


Photo credit: Unknown

Photo credit: Unknown


Arlington National Cemetary | Photo credit: Unknown

Arlington National Cemetery | Photo credit: Unknown

I never know quite what to say around Memorial Day. There is always so much noise, jargon, and ridiculous memes that float around the internet during this weekend. Much of it a disservice, in my opinion. So usually I stay silent. But maybe it is better to tell their stories.

Many of my family had, have, and continue to serve in the military. I feel fortunate for the work they have done in service to this country, blessed that the KIA list in my family is limited, and grateful & honored for those that did sacrifice their life in such pursuit.

Kevin won’t be forgotten – not for the fond memories I have of him at family Christmas parties, and not for the the life he gave.


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