If The Heavens Ever Did Speak

Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_7710

click images to enlarge | Northeastern Woods in Winter

If the heavens ever did speak
She’s the last true mouthpiece

-Hozier, Take Me To Church

The other morning as I was doing the dishes and staring mindlessly out of the kitchen window, the light in the woods caught my gaze and almost entrapped me for several moments. Flecks of snow was dancing in the light, descending ever-so-slowly to the ground, suspended in the atmosphere like dust does when it hangs in streams of light, and looked almost like glitter the way the light would catch it.

I tried like mad to capture it with the camera the way I was seeing it.


I didn’t succeed in doing that, but the images I made that morning still speak to me and remind me of that moment nonetheless. I was recently asked if I had any tips to someone starting out in photography and I answered this:

Keep shooting. No matter what.

It’s easy to get frustrated, especially in a very digital/visual age. We’re barraged with thousands of images every day from our many devices, accessed through a swipe of the finger.

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master” Ernest Hemingway

I didn’t make the image I wanted, but I like the images I made. And thank God, because it forces the constant practice, forces perpetual refining, keeps me in the game and most important continues to keep me intrigued with the art of photography.

Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_7730

PS- These were photographed from my kitchen window…took the dish gloves off long enough just to fire off a couple of frames. Might be part of the reason I didn’t get the picture I saw 😉


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