I Could Never Place The Stars At Night Above You


My most favorite Edyn, my Eden. I used to wonder what it was I was doing with my life. Now I’ve abandoned almost everything that ever was my life and rebuilt a universe in which I could never even consider placing the stars at night above you. I hope that you always know that you are my world, the entirety of my existence, why I strive to be better than I was yesterday.

Our house is filled with delicate heirloom china pieces, collected and passed down from all the grandparents from every ancestral line in our family. I don’t know too much about the history of most of the pieces, just little snippets of information. I knew I wanted to take a photo of Edyn with them. And of course, aging Maya. She was especially down for the cookies 😉

The blue tea cup is Japanese and was collected by Edyn’s grandpa Zylstra’s sister, Betty, who sadly died as a young adult. Grandma & Grandpa Z gifted the tea cup to her this past year. The tiny white-floral tea set was gifted to Edyn by her great-grandma Carlson (my paternal side of the family) this winter and it belonged to Edyn’s great-great grandma Grandback & Gr.-Gr.-Great Grandma Magnussen-Myring, maybe originating in Chicago or possibly Liverpool, Englad. The brown set is an English china set, the Tonquin Royal Staffordshire made by Clarice Cliff, and was passed down from my maternal grandmother side of the family.

The spoon above has a curved handle (a baby spoon?) and engraved with ‘A century of progress Chicago’. If anyone knows any information about that, please share! The antique silverware was passed down from my Great grandma Fischer. I think parts of the collection originate 1930s and earlier. The spoons below are engraved with ‘Flagship Olympia: Battle of Manila 1898′ with depictions of American ships and commemorate the victory of Admiral Dewey during the Spanish American War. You can’t see it in my picture below, but on the handle is Admiral Dewey’s face. It is said that within six hours he sunk or captured the entire Spanish Pacific fleet.

Originally I was hoping the daffodil blooms would line up perfectly for when I was ready to take these pictures. Timing was off and they are mostly done now. But timing was most serendipitous for the cherry tree blossoms. There is a tree along our private drive that is magnificently blooming this year and I am a bit obsessed with it now more than ever. I am happy the daffs did not work out because these cherry blooms were more than perfect for her photos with Maya and the antique tea sets.


Today I am thankful for heirloom china and tea sets, wild imaginations of toddlers, and patient old dogs.



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