I. Am. Nerd.


Want to know what kind of gifts my niece gets from me?? Pure nerdery. For a few moments I think I was the coolest aunt on the planet. The Smithsonian has this dino-kit that includes a clay block with dino bones to excavate and put together, chisel, brush, safety goggles—TOO AWESOME! I don’t know who had more fun on our dig, her or me, but she enjoyed playing “tale-un-tolgist” (paleontologist was a bit of a tongue twister for her).


She told me she was asking Santa for a PINK camera for Christmas…naturally I didn’t have the patience to wait that long.


If you’re stuck on coming up with ideas for gifts, consider gifting wall art. Most of the images I have published this year on the blog and in my portfolio can be custom printed in a variety of products. Lets chat if somethings strikes you as an image that would fit well in one of your family or friend’s homes 🙂 This is the last week to get an order in on time for delivery before Christmas.



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