I Am Home Again

We have been slowly unearthing ourselves from the mountains of boxes that have stood as ominous towers in every room. We are finally beginning to settle into our new home. I am ever so thankful for it, I don’t know how much longer I could have lasted in the temporary state of mind with our housing. It is cathartic to tear down the boxes finally after so many months and so many moves. Good bye boxes. And boxes. And boxes.


If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.
― L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

We named our first home Club Z. So we thought it fitting to name this one. I say “we” but I guess me more so than Josh. He just kind of smiles & nods because he knows my kind of crazy.

So this one is Z Hermitage. Better yet, Chateau Z Hermitage. It’s on a french named road, so, when in Rome France…



What I love about our property & the area:

Where do I begin? Connecticut just has a different air to it, a different feel to me. I love reading up on the histories of places I visit & reside. And naturally, Connecticut is rich in history being one of the original thirteen colonies and home of the Schaghticoke Nation.  Connecticut is a french bastardization of the Algonquian word, quinetucket, “land on the long tidal river”. Some of the stone walls in the area were built during the Revolutionary War and the covered bridge in town is said to be where George Washington crossed the Housitonic River.


I love that while I am uncomfortably close the the largest city in the US, I feel worlds away. I love that you can jump on the famed Appalachian Trail within a couple minutes from our home. I love that we found a place with a long, private driveway. I love the mixed forest cover on the property and that it’s different from where we came from and poses new flora & fauna to learn about through the passing seasons. I love the madness I am dreaming up for landscaping ideas. I love the stone walls that run along two of our border boundaries. I especially love the thought of the rumored resident black bear the neighbors warned us about and am already considering the best trail cam spots to deploy in. Teddy doesn’t know he is soon to be my new photographic goal and bff.


I love the different projects we are plotting for the home, its reignites creativity in new ways and inspires imagination. It makes me feel alive again. I love that there is ample room for a growing family and room for our visiting family. I love that the possibilities are endless.

Most of all, I love that it is starting to feel like I am home again. It didn’t really start feeling like home until the family photos came out of the boxes. I am looking forward to adding more as the years continue.


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