Hope Springs Eternal

January was such a mental trick.

She gave me false illusions of a mild winter and early spring. Only to have March remind me of my foolishness. March dumped 20 inches in a blizzard, has been bleak and cold, with dreary rain 10 out of the last 15 days of the month.

Yet, hope springs eternal and the snow receded to reveal that the little snowdrop flowers I had planted in the fall bloomed beneath the brown dirty snow.

I admittedly have been quiet and have retreated from the internet these past few weeks, months. There are lots of reasons why – I suppose some you can guess, and some I will share at a later time.

And of course my mini-me, my spitfire has been much of my entire world.

Edyn is a chatterbox with no discernible words yet, but with such powerful and purposed intonation. She babbles on in the cutest sentences, has the sweetest little voice when she is trying to ask for something she really really wants. She has mastered expert level in tantrum throwing. And her favorite pass time is bossing the dogs around and yelling “no!” to them. I guess I never realized how much I say no to the dogs, but it’s often enough that she loves the fun of correcting them when they jump on a couch they aren’t supposed to be on or bark.

She squeals with joy when we go outside. She is inquisitive and fearless to the point I am afraid she will hurt herself because she knows no bounds. She loves books. Her favorite is one with pictures of animals and she tries to mimic their names. Peacock is “dee-tot”. For the snake she says “sssssss”.

I’m dying to get my hands in the dirt and plant some evergreens around our property. It’s predominantly hardwood, all of the same age, so I hope to mix it up a bit over time. I imagine the next couple months will keep me busy with finally breaking free of the winter hold, gardening and planting trees. And chasing the toddler tornado. And ultimately, preparing for the next season.



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