Her Robes of Glory

“When summer gathers up her robes of glory, and like a dream, glides away.”

Sarah Helen Whitman

She is gliding away now, summer, and taking with her robes of glory and I feel like I am just now starting to get a grasp on how to cultivate a garden on the particulars of my own slice of land and not quite ready to start the process of putting everything to bed before the first hard frost comes.

This summer was a good one, I feel like I witnessed more growth in Edyn than ever before and we’ve had a lot of triumphs in that regard. I’m fearful the fall months are going to speed like a massive rush of water and usher in the dead still of winter before I can truly enjoy autumn. There is so much happening this fall for us and the anticipation is building, beginning of the cherry trees dropping their leaves ever so slowly but ever so noticeably now.

Edyn’s Back-To-School photo

I feel like it’s a story I tell often, so if you know me, you already know how the line goes.

It belonged to my grandparents.

Like it all does.

This birdbath then made it’s way to my sister’s cherished possession. It had been in my grandfather’s garden our entire childhood. A fixture surrounded by an ever changing landscape of flora and fauna over the years.

And now it temporarily rests within my garden’s reach and folly. So I sit here tonight with spent flowers, a candlelit stone birdbath, a chorus of katydids, and all the childhood memories as summer ends.

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