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Cape Cod Bay, Brewster MA (Nov. 2014)

Each morning we are born again. What we are today is what matters most.” Buddha

We lived on Cape Cod for a year after I finished grad school and as I transitioned into my first year working for the government. I don’t think I went to the beach more than the fingers on one hand during that year. Definitely not during the summer (I don’t like crowds). My favorite times to go actually were during winter squalls because the storms would bring rare┬ápelagic birds into the harbors and bays and I loved to see what would turn up.

I took the ocean for granted.

Now when we go back to visit family, I always battle this strong pull to go back to the edge of the sea and photograph her different moods and faces. I feel somewhat guilty because it means pulling away from spending time with family who I only see twice a year. I think after my almost 33 years on this planet that they probably get me and expect that I will duck out with camera in hand when the sun begins to emerge in the morning or tuck away for the evening.

I photographed this early morning “sun rise”, if you can call it that, three days after Thanksgiving, the day we headed back home to NY. I couldn’t help but have one more visit with the Atlantic before we left.

If we ever move from New York, I wonder if there will be things that I took for granted from my time here. Definitely won’t be snow.

I’m going to say it — I think we have turned the corner here in NY and are cutting away to spring. There have been torrential rains the last two days, washing away the disgustingly dirtied snow and revealing the tender green shoots of crocuses that hid underneath. This makes me happy.

Have a most glorious weekends, friends.



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