For Edyn

In 2014 we visited family in California and made a stop at Yosemite. Near the end of the day we stood atop Glacier Point, over looking this vista. And I knew.


I felt the prayer in my heart and knew I wanted that vista to hang in the nursery of my future child. I made the photograph and tucked the words quietly away in my heart for safe keeping.

Two years later and here we are.

Edyn’s nursery is somewhat coming together, finally. It’s only taken nearly 7 months of her life, but better late than never.


My prayer for her:


I had the photograph printed on fine art metal. My first time experimenting with this substrate as a wall art and in this size. I think it looks very cool up close, but I’m not all that confident about it’s longevity, so not sure I would recommend it for clients printing heirloom wedding work.


My grandmother gave me those little wooden carved animals when I was a little girl. I’ve been hanging on to them for a really long time, like some kind of pack rat, but I hung on to them for this reason. Serendipitously, my mom gave me the carved wooden animal faces a couple years ago and they pair together so nicely in Edyn’s room. She loves to inspect each room we walk into and out of, studying┬áthe items within. She always looks for the wooded animal faces in her room and now recently stares curiously at the print above her crib.


I can’t wait to take her to Yosemite one day, to let her experience the feeling of standing in front of that vista and hopefully it will instill in her endless dreams and the good sense to go after them.


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