Destiny | A Rustic Wedding Among Pines and Vineyards

The clouds gathered and the rain fell gently. The day was meant to be storming and while the thunder threatened and barked doom, that is not how Kristyn and Christopher’s wedding day actually weathered. 

In fact, the clouds lifted and the sun parted through the pillowy clouds in beams of light that danced through the small vineyard as soon as the bride and groom began to get dressed.

My little sister got married on this gorgeous, spring day underneath cascading white wisteria to the man she loves and who loves her the same.

Christopher and her wed at Country Pines in Lincoln, Nebraska and what a beautiful little spot that was to host their intimate celebration. 

The following is part of what I spoke as a speech to my sister and her new husband during their reception

My sister has always done things unconventionally. As kids, our mom always drilled into us that there were three islands to choose from in life: the island of education and career, the island of military service, or the island of unknown risk and adventure. 

Unconventional Kristyn chose to jump ship and swim furiously and steadfastly toward the island of unknown risk and adventure from a young age. During her high school years she decided to run away to place called 8 Mile in Michigan. There’s no doubt Michigan helped to form some of the foundations of who Kristyn is today. She is scrappy, intuitive, street smart and a fighter to her core, which will help her fight through anything in this life.

And it was there where the first seedlings of wanting a family of her own began to form. Fortunately those people were not meant to be her family and she relented to Katie and Kerry (our other sisters) and I rescuing her out of the pits of Detroit and whisking her away to the northern woods of New York, just an hour south of the Canadian border.

She hated it. She still refers to her time in my home as cruel and unusual punishment. But in that time her daughter was born into this world surrounded by her family that loves her fiercely. We all started to think Kristyn was bailing from that island of unknown risk and adventure as she was loyally invested in a company and taking college classes.

And then one day she told us about a boy named Christopher. 

She explained to us that she loved this boy and met him through a video game. And I think the family collectively said, “buckle up, she’s going back to the island of unknown risk and adventure!”

Ironically the name of this video game is called Destiny

And sure enough my unconventional sister meets someone on a video game and falls in love. And sure enough that’s how my unconventional sister finds family, partnership, and a spouse to traverse this life with.

Christopher is the perfect mix of patience, steadfastness, and genuine authenticity that Kristyn needs in this world. 

I have no doubt that together Kristyn and Christopher will conquer any island they come upon in this life. 

“Christopher and I didn’t meet each other like ordinary couples, we met playing a competitive match in a video game called Destiny. I wasn’t very good back then and I knew heading into the match my team wasn’t going to do very well.

After we lost, I messaged Christopher not expecting a reply, asking him to “show me your ways” and help me improve. We continued to message back and forth for about a week before he finally asked me to play. That’s when he realized the anonymous player profile he had been communicating with was actually a woman. We chatted for hours after that, even when we weren’t playing the game. We discovered we were the same age, have similar personalities, and enjoyed all the same hobbies.

The only problem was he lived in the Midwest and I lived on the East coast. He flew out to meet me, my daughter, and my parents about a month later. My parents loved him and after that meeting I knew this guy was finally the one. Two months after that he flew out again, this time with a one way ticket and the intentions of packing a U-Haul truck to the brim with all our belongings.

And he did just that.

A cross country trip, three years later, a set of rings and wedding. We are now married and getting ready to purchase our first home together.

If that’s not Destiny, I don’t know what is.”

Christopher and Kristyn,

My little sister, may your marriage be love everlasting. May your fighting spirit, Kristyn, help you fight through the tough stuff in marriage. Christopher may your steadiness and devotion help to keep your marriage safely grounded. May the destiny you felt as you exchanged vows be the same destiny you feel throughout all the days until the end of your days.

Love Always,


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