Day In The Life of My Dogs


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I had adopted another dog once when Maya was about 1. They didn’t get along – he was a sweetheart, so tender spirited – but she just didn’t jive with him for some reason.

Then I got Wes. Night and day. Wes is bull-headed, alpha dog, afraid of nothing and super bossy. The two of them, however, act as though they have always been together. As if they were litter mates. Part of that sibling bond they seem to share also involves a bit of sibling rivalry.

My poor Maya. She wants to beat Wes at everything. And she usually does – fetching the ball, out running him, hunting, grabbing treats. The list goes on.

The competition stops at the water’s edge though. She can hardly swim. But it drives her batty that he can and does so effortlessly. She can’t bare to sit on the shore and lose, so into the drink she goes.

Credit to her for continuing to try though.

Here’s to continuing to try even though it doesn’t come easy.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.



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