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I am a dog person.


Wesson | June 2009

I recently wondered what I would do if I discovered Edyn was allergic to dogs. I jokingly commented to Josh that we would have to find her a new home ūüėČ

I am so bonded to my two dogs. When Wes was a pup, I retrofitted a pillow case with a strap and carried him around with me in the woods when I worked for the USDA. He and Maya would often come with me to different field sites all over the state. I sort of feel guilty that they don’t live that lifestyle anymore. You can tell when a dog feels most alive and I swear those were the days for them.

I have been reflecting on how integral they have been in my life. They have been with me through different jobs, different moves, hikes & hunts all over the state of New York. They put up with me dressing them in goofy outfits every Halloween, they run the beaches of Cape Cod every Thanksgiving like race horses just out of the gate, and they anxiously await their special presents Christmas morning as we unwrap ours.

...that one time I dressed Maya up as a very sad Yoda

…that one time I dressed Maya up as a very sad Yoda

However, I think their most notable role now in my life (and theirs) has been in helping me through my pregnancy and developing their new relationship with baby Edyn as guardians and playmates.

I will no doubt be a complete wreck the day either of them dies. Which is why they are never allowed to.


In reflecting about what they have meant to my life, I couldn’t help but think of special wedding clients of mine who also held their furry friends so dear to them. I am always jealous when I show up on the day of the wedding to find brides & grooms have found ways to include their dogs in the wedding day, and wish I could have done the same. Unfortunately, we didn’t get Maya until after our wedding. In fact, her namesake is an ode to our honeymoon in¬†the Mayan ruins.

Nevertheless, I have very much enjoyed the dogs of the weddings we have photographed over the years.














Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Roger A. Caras


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