Awoken Bear

It was the Saturday before Easter and I left Josh with the kids so that I could make a run to the garden center in search of spring blooms for their Easter photo. Twenty minutes later he texted me one of these pictures.

I knew it would be soon. I had set the camera out with the appropriate lens attached earlier in the week in anticipation. Too bad I missed it in lieu of flowers. I am sure there will be more opportunity though.

Speaking of which, do you have any tips for keeping bears away while your children play outside? I’ve been letting the dogs out while we play in hopes that is a deterrent, but that being said there were a couple instances last summer where it didn’t matter that there was barking dogs or loud kids and lots of activities around ours/our neighbors homes. They seem to know they have no real threats.

I surprised (or maybe myself was surprised) a mother and her two cubs while walking in our driveway with Edyn when we first moved in. Luckily they took off and up a tree that time. I just want to make sure nothing happens as Edyn begins to explore and play more outside.

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