I will shed all of this skin down to the very bone beneath it if that’s what it takes for you to come to the realization that appearance is not what makes a human beautiful.” Christopher Poindexter


I hope I can one day teach Edyn that what makes her a beautiful soul goes much deeper than her outward appearance. Or even deeper than just a snap shot of who she is in a particular stage of life. She is the culmination of days, months, years…a lifetime refining the beauty that is her.

I recently had a lesson in appearance. The home we bought last year has had decades of neglect when it comes to landscaping and gardening. Thirty years ago the builders literally plopped a house in the middle of the woods and none of the folks who have owned the home since have ever done anything to refine the wild, enhance the diversity, and bring horticultural architecture to this home’s landscape. Pure craziness if you ask me.

We moved in during the height of summer last year, too late in the season to really do anything other than wage war on poison ivy canopies that were choking the forest out and uproot an ugly patch of pachysandra I couldn’t stand. Once fall came I planted a Japanese maple and tulip bulbs where the pachysandra once dominated.

The first tulip bulbs popped about a week ago. Lets just say at first I was less than impressed. And that’s rough because I’ve never met a tulip I didn’t love. I thought the company I ordered the bulbs from bamboozled me and did a swap-a-roo. Turns out though, this variety of tulip just needs time to come into it’s full glory. In fact, aside from the very top banner photo which is a hellebore (another favorite of mine that I just planted a couple weeks ago), the rest of the photos in this blog post are of the same individual tulip(s) a couple days apart in time.

They are so pretty, I can’t even bring myself to cut them and bring them inside for the vase. So I still stand by my conviction that I have yet to meet a tulip I don’t love.

And may we not be fooled by first impressions and appearances.

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