A Deaf Dude


A couple months ago I started noticing something different about Wes.

  • Barking incessantly at absolute phantom noises. Ok, maybe he’s just stressed from our moves and new baby. 
  • Ignoring commands. Ok, maybe he’s just getting stubborn in his maturing age. 
  • Not waking up when I would come in and out of the room, or when doors opened and closed. Ah, he is just becoming a really heavy napper in his older age. 

Then over a month ago, it finally dawned on me that maybe he was losing his hearing. I started watching more intently. I was fairly certain.

The vet recently confirmed. The dude is deaf.




Now his altered behavior makes more sense. As I began to watch more intently, I noticed he pays strict attention to Maya’s body language. So much so, that if I can keep her calm and quiet when the UPS man comes, he is none to the wiser.

I don’t even think of him as old really. He is 7, but he still acts like a 2 year old. At least I know now, and know that I need to get an ID tag on him incase he can’t hear me calling for him when we are out running the woods.

Obviously there isn’t anything medically that you can do for a dog who has hearing loss. Behaviorally, I now know that no matter how much I plead and bark out commands at him, it won’t matter unless I tap him on the side or shoulder and give a hand command. I also found collars on Amazon that alert others to his hearing loss, which might be helpful if he gets away from me and lost in the future.

If you have any other tips or experience with a deaf dog, I would love to hear it.


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