A Day In The Life Of My Dogs (New Series)

I decided to start a new blog category series, a day in the life of my two pooches.

I mean, I am obsessed with my fur-besties and I would wager I take more pictures of them than anything else. I’ve been trying really hard lately not to just constantly spam everyone with dog pictures and puppy kisses (don’t want to be that person). But what the heck, instead I will just give them their own category 😉 After all, a glimpse into their life is a glimpse into mine.

Besides, this kind of lightheartedness is perfect for Fridays.

Without further adieu.

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Wesson (a.k.a. The Dude) | click images to enlarge

Dog beds don’t last long around these parts. So their dog bed right now consists of 2 pillows and a quilt that is tucked in a little corner by our front door. However, every day Wes has to bring all of the components of his bed into the living room with him.

Can’t blame the guy really. Who wouldn’t want to take their bed with them everywhere?!

TGIF April 18 2014


The range of facial expressions Maya can give is remarkable…but probably comes natural since she is a girl, after all 😉 This is her “I’m judging you” look.

TGIF (thank God it’s FURday)!


Have a beautiful weekend, friends.




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