A Conspiracy of Love | A Year In Review

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” Hamilton Wright Mable

The difference between last year and this year couldn’t have been any more of a stark contrast.

2015 was the busiest and most successful year of my business to date. But business, like anything else in life, goes through it’s own seasons. And that’s what I learned this year.

2016 was a very personal year for me.

I chose to slow my business down to focus and, most importantly, be present in all the changes that were to come in my personal life in 2016. We had multiple moves, sold a house & bought a house, a new job for Josh, and most markedly, the birth of our first child. I was nervous to let go of the momentum of my wedding photography business and limit the bookings, but I knew ultimately I would regret the decision not to if I allowed myself be pulled in a million directions and away from the first year of life of my daughter.

It has been an unbelievably blessed year, rich in ways I never knew could be felt. Edyn was born New Years Eve, so literally day 1 of 2016 began with the adventure of my life, teaching me the abundance of love I had not yet known existed. I admit, since the evening of her birth, I have yet to sleep through the night without waking up and worrying about her wellbeing.

I am grateful that as the end of the year approaches, both of my beloved dogs are still here to kiss me good morning from my bedside, despite each of their health scares this year associated with aging. I hope they don’t leave me any time soon because I have not managed to develop the strength to be able to say goodbye to my dearest of friends, those who are my most kindred of spirits. And thank God for Josh. I wouldn’t have survived any of this year without him.

Moving, and change, is a beautiful gift if you ask me. It forces a person to get out of their comfort zone, to explore, to look at things anew. At least that is how it is with a personality like mine. I tend to be reserved and very much routine. It takes a lot for me to break routine.

With Josh’s job relocation and our moves, I have been able to explore new territory (though not nearly as much as I would like to) and have been able to fulfill the creative and adventurous side of me. This year I have been witness to some of the most amazing light that danced from within the forest. I got to watch a mother bear lead her twin cubs through the woods surrounding our home. I saw my very first wild bobcat.


My hope is 2017 is every bit as full of love and wonder as 2016 was.

Merry Christmas & happiest of New Year’s celebrations, friends!




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