I always love doing a review of the photographs I made throughout the year. I had been meaning to do a round up for weeks prior to 2017 ending.

But you know, kids. And holidays. And all that all-consuming, mad rush.

And now it is a new year.

I don’t think I am one of those kinds of people that have a niche that they really settle into and just do superbly well at. I have interests in a lot of things, I like to explore different avenues. I think that is evident in my photography. Plus my hand was somewhat forced by high-risk pregnancies, job market moves, and an ever-evolving life in general. Not a big deal to me, my personality type loves change and the idea of something new. It just might make for some inconsistency in my photography portfolio. But hey, rules are for fools.

Some years I think were marked by heavier landscape work. Some years definitely were about weddings and portraits of love. I think this year was more for wildlife, perhaps. At least when I think about what my favorite photos of the year were, the animals come to mind first. And of course the documentation of my life’s most recent muse, my kids.

I didn’t photograph any weddings in 2017 and solely focused on growing a healthy baby inside of me and raising a mighty toddler. If there was a Greatest Hits of My Life type list tallying up, they’d definitely be the pinnacle at number 1.

Nothing else I’ve ever experienced in life has even come close. They can take the center stage in my life any day of the week. And well, they do. I love what this life of mine has become and can’t believe it was ever anything else.

Good things are in store for 2018 and life is only going to get better and better here on out. Happy New Year, friends.


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