2015 Behind The Scenes

You can’t look back at the 2015 wedding season without happening upon some out-take photos of us working behind the scenes.

Of course they are not the most flattering photos, but what are you going to do…weddings are usually hot, fast-paced, with a million moments happening in between. Add in morning sickness this season and voila! you have the hot mess formerly known as Kelley.

Except for I somehow still find time to tell jokes and pretend to be funny. The groom certainly looks enthused.


I’m not even sure what is going on here…other than perhaps I am trying to get them to kiss my ring like I am some kind of Godfather/Photographer. DSC_0639

Me, my baby bump in tow, with a serious game face on just before the bride walked down the aisle. DSC_0803

Is my 2nd shooter sitting down on the job, or just getting a great angle?

Speaking of second shooters, it is always great when you can tuck them into small spaces 😉 DSC_8001

Only this man can pull off a suit with a backpack. And clearly I treat my second shooters really well…by making them carry everythingKEP_5846

Me, obviously having my own cinderella moment. DSC_4387

Kelley vs. cell phone…DSC_5013

…the cell phone won. DSC_5017

I am so prepared for anything come wedding day. I am the Jason Statham of wedding photography. Because who doesn’t have field boots in tow when you show up to a barn wedding that just had a thunderstorm roll through 5 min before go time? Between this and Josh’s backpack-suit combo, I am sure I will have my own photographer-fashion line soon. DSC_5268


Wish I could remember what was happening here…they sure do look concerned about whatever it is I am doing though.

My masters degree in entomology comes in really handy on the wedding day when it comes to fishing out stowaway bugs in between the layers of a wedding dress. I would have never been able to predict that entomology and wedding photography would pair so well. DSC_9302

Ya know, and other reasons why to hire KEP for your wedding photography needs ;o)

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