For The Love & The Wild

Somewhere in a eerily still forest, where the fragrance of balsam wafted through the air, I contemplated my life. All that it had been, all that it was, all that it could be.

There are certain truths in this world and one of them is that there are two things we fervently chase, spending our whole life trying to define and attain. It’s what causes us to feel the deepest valleys and highest summits in our life.

Love and happiness.

What makes us happy is most often the who and the what that we love. We love passionately, or not at all. We live passionately, or not at all.

The Great Loves in our life unravel us, revealing the fundamental core of our true self. They become the air we breath, oxygen to our soul, and the ardor we simply cannot ignore.

For the mountains we climb and the people we climb them with. We dream of the future. We go on adventures. And we plan forever afters.

It was there in that balsam forest I decided, among other things, I cannot ever let go of the camera. It’s how I get to be a witness to it all, stories of wilderness and stories of love.

Here’s to living passionately, loving wildly, and spending our lives in that pursuit.


Kelley Elizabeth Signature